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"The world is full of colours

Use them, all of them

Feel them, and listen

Listen carefully with all of your heart"

Mary is an artist who enjoys the colours of life. A life, that accommodates every colour. Every colour has its own frequency; every nuance its own meaning. For her, the world is a mirror in which everything is connected with everything else and where nothing can exist on its own. There is energy in every thought, which emanates vibration. This vibration attracts other frequencies which then create a new reality. Every human being, animal or other living creature lives within their own reality. But it is only human beings who can choose whether to live in fear or love. By making links with the heart, your own wisdom, the deep inner knowledge and the world around us where happenings present themselves as pieces from a  jigsaw puzzle, the result is an earthly spirituality that is typical of her character.

This spirituality is the foundation of her work and the colour frequencies, composition and materials become integrated with it. Mary works mainly in France. Her first exhibitions of small square collages were exhibited at the Carré d'Artistes gallery in Aix-en-Provence, Lyon and Barcelona for three years.