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Published in BRES Feb/March 2008


Sun and earth
The hour
Between sunrise and rest
In between
One shimmering moment
When the surplus of heat
Is too much
For the earth
Trembling, she let it go
Stretched out, hanging, sitting, slumbering, waiting
Waiting for hours, alone
Closing out the heat
Behind cool walls
Dozing off, dreaming,
Balancing between wake and dream
Where Ra appears, sun god of ancient Egypt
Mighty Creator, giving life
Mother Nut swallows, again every night,
Her son, embracing him in her belly
Thus let dark be dark
Untuil each day him being reborn,
Giving light, life, direction and order…

EL SOL is a collage, 30x30 cm, acrylic paint
On canvas board
Yellow, relating to the inner and outer sun
Combined with earth’s brown.
Handmade paper, short fibres, with enhances structure

This work was part of an exhibition in 2006
In Barcelona, gallery Carré d’Artistes,
On a theme called: Siësta.

Mary van de Klundert