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Chakra art cards

You can order art cards from some of the images of the artwork.

The 13 folding chakra cards and envelopes are presented in a beautiful glossy folder (with a velcro fastening).
On the front of each card there is a depiction of one of the chakras in the 13 chakra system.

On the left inside panel of the cards, which measure 12 x 16 cm folded (24 x 16 cm open), there is a description (in English) of the chakra illustrated on the card. The description lists the name of the chakra, what it represents, what it corresponds to in the body, and the signs that indicate balance or imbalance in the body.

The inside right panel of the card is blank.

The cards are printed on eco-friendly paper.


Price: € 15.00 plus delivery.
Free delivery if you order 3 or more sets.

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centres in the body that transform cosmic energy.
Why 13 chakras? The seven main chakras are fairly widely known. But there are also many smaller chakras in the body. Now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius, consciousness is expanding rapidly and more chakras are being activated to support this process.
I completed the paintings of the first three chakras in 2002. When I started working on the next painting, which was meant to be the heart chakra, I found I couldn’t continue. It simply wouldn’t work. There was obviously a blockage somewhere. A few months later I came across a book about humankind in the Age of Aquarius. And since all my life books have served as my guides, I knew I had to listen to the information. From then on I was able to continue with the next painting, which then became the spleen chakra. After that I was able to paint the heart chakra without any problem. By the end of the following year I had completed 13 chakra paintings. They are a symbol of human alignment with the cosmos. A symbol of the individual connected with All That Is.

Set of four different ART CARDS

The square art cards measure 16 x 16 cm folded (32 x 16 cm open) and are printed on plain paper, which takes ink well. The cards are packaged as a set and come with high quality glossy white envelopes.


Price: € 10.00 plus delivery.
Free delivery if you order 3 or more sets.